Coaching with Courage

Crush impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and fear of success and tap into courage so you can become the extraordinary coach you were meant to be.

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Have you ever felt like you were carrying around a secret that you couldn’t share with anyone?  That felt like a backpack full of bricks you were carrying on your back wherever you go?

Imagine if there were a program that would walk you through the process of getting rid of that burden by crushing impostor syndrome, self-doubt and fear of success.  Imagine the relief of finally dropping that load and being free to be your authentic self with no fear of being found out. Imagine how successful you could be in your business without that obstruction always getting in the way. Well, there is such a program, and it's called Coaching with Courage.

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Coaching and Community in one

Coaching With Courage is not only an 8-week intensive and transformational program, it’s a comprehensive full-year support system uniquely designed for coaches, speakers and thought leaders. It’s your own personal coach, plus an entire community to support you so you can do what you were created to do.

It's all about support

You understand the value of having a coach, and you know that you can’t go it alone, that if you don’t have support, you won’t be able to give yourself fully, wholeheartedly and authentically to your clients. That’s why you understand the value of a comprehensive program like Coaching with Courage.  It provides the programming to help keep you focused and centered, while also providing peer support, and if you choose the VIP package, you will have the security of knowing that your coach is available to you when you need her, as often or little as you need.

Tap into courage and your true self

Fear is not the enemy, fear is a good thing - it keeps us alive, it keeps us safe.  Unfortunately, it also keeps us small and stuck.  But the goal is not to be fearless, because only psychopaths and fools have no fear.  It's when you learn how to tap into courage and play big in spite of the fear that the incredible begins to happen.  That journey starts here, with Coaching with Courage.


"Penina helps participants understand the psychology and meaning behind all our actions and feelings. Her unique style together with her genuinely caring personality promotes personal reflection and growth that gets results."

O.S., Tel Aviv

Maintain your Transformation

We speak about transformation like it’s a one-and-done deal.  But you know it’s not, it’s on-going.  And just like a car, you need to maintain the machine if you want it to keep working for you like it’s supposed to.

To accomplish that you need the mentorship and accountability of a coach.  Coaching with Courage is designed specifically to help you stay on track and show up fully and with confidence for your own clients and students.


When you join the 8-week Coaching with Courage program, you get:

  • 8 weekly live group calls where we do a deep-dive mindset reset to get everyone to a really good place
  • A PDF-workbook reinforcing each weekly lesson
  • 1-year membership in the exclusive Coaching with Courage members-only Facebook group.  This is a high-value Mastermind group with monthly live Q&A calls and frequent engagement by Penina. ($347 value) 
  • Access to Penina via WhatsApp text messages for the entire 8 weeks of the program

This is a comprehensive coaching and support program to provide everything you need to be confident and comfortable with your authentic self and show up fully for your clients.


Yes! I want Coaching with Courage

"Penina’s Coaching with Courage course is AMAZING, and worth at least 10 times the cost. I love the way she breaks things down, and the course is so jam-packed with everything I need to learn and integrate, so grateful!!!"

Leah Mandl, Emunah Inspired


Purchase the VIP package and you also get:

  • Penina On-Call — a one-year coaching package where you can book a call on an as-needed basis for up to 24 one-hour coaching sessions, so you can get your workload completed knowing that when you need support, Penina will be there for you!
  • 10 full months of WhatsApp access to Penina in addition to the 8 weeks access that accompanies the course, for a total of one-year of WhatsApp access for quick questions and emergencies. 

The VIP program is designed to give you all the support you need to build your business, complete your workload, and gain the confidence you need to bring the unique gift of you to the world.  The world deserves it.  The world deserves YOU. You deserve this.

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So…what are you waiting for?

One Payment


Pay in full and save

  • 8 weekly live sessions with replays
  • PDF workbook
  • 1-year membership in Facebook mastermind group ($347 value)
  • WhatsApp messaging access to Penina throughout the program
  • Discounted price for paying in full
  • PLUS: free private session with Penina
Make 1 payment now

Payment Plan

$317 x 3

Take 3 months to pay

  • 8 weekly live sessions with replays
  • PDF workbook
  • 1-year membership in Facebook mastermind group ($347 value)
  • WhatsApp messaging access to Penina throughout the program
  • Payment plan to spread out your expenses
  • PLUS: free private session with Penina
Make 3 payments of $317

Looking for more support?

The 8-week course will give you that mindset reset you've been looking for.  You will gain valuable tools for overcoming impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and fear of success as well as triggers and what's holding you back.

The mastermind Facebook group will provide you with invaluable ongoing connection and support.

But if you need something more -

  • A private session before your biggest speaking engagement of the year...
  • In-depth work on your imposter syndrome...
  • One-on-One help building your coaching practice to its highest level yet...

You need— 

Coach on Call

Coach on Call is a 24-session flex coaching package that you can use any time during the one-year membership. This is where you can go even deeper and work on specific areas that come up for you over time.

With flexible scheduling, so you can speak with Penina when you need it most. And you get scheduling priority.

The regular price for the Coach on Call package alone is $3,997. 

But purchase the Coaching with Courage VIP package which includes the 8-week course, the mastermind, and the Coach on Call package all for the incredible price of $3997 (yes, you read that correctly) - that means you get the Coaching with Courage program free! And if you need to, you can choose the option of paying over 6 months.

Purchase the Coaching with Courage VIP package (including Coach on Call)

When you purchase the Coaching with Courage VIP package, you get a comprehensive support system to help you create an incredible year.  And don't forget to take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity, which won't last long!

Purchase Coaching with Courage VIP


Pay in full and save!

  • 8 weekly live sessions + workbook in Coaching with courage
  • 1-year access to Mastermind group
  • WhatsApp messaging access to Penina for 1 full year.
  • 24 private coaching sessions with flexible scheduling
  • Discounted price for paying in full
Purchase the VIP package!

Coaching with Courage VIP payment plan

$681 x 6

Take 6 months to pay

  • 8 weekly live sessions + workbook in Coaching with courage
  • 1-year access to Mastermind group
  • WhatsApp messaging access to Penina for 1 full year.
  • 24 private coaching sessions with flexible scheduling
  • Six-month payment plan for an easier investment
Get the VIP payment plan!

"Penina’s coaching has transformed my life.  Had I known powerful it would be, I would have hired her years ago. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to overcome a painful past, break free from destructive patterns, or create new possibilities in their life."

Miriam S., Jerusalem

Investing in yourself is scary.

If you're looking at this offer and thinking, "this looks exactly like what I need", but you're not sure if you can or SHOULD spend the money on yourself, I get you. I've been there. But I want you to know that it wasn't until I said yes to investing in myself, both for the sake of my business and for the sake of my clients, that I saw a huge jump in the quality and quantity of clients I was attracting and results I was helping them achieve. Not only do you deserve it, your clients deserve it.

The next cohort of Coaching with Courage begins on
June 8, 2021

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